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Snapchat Ads

Snapchat is a social media platform where users can share photos and videos with added captions for a specified duration.

Snapchat is a social media platform where users can share photos and videos with added captions for a specified duration. Particularly, it is known for sharing stories that range from a minimum of 1 second to a maximum of 10 seconds. Stories shared publicly on the platform are visible for 24 hours.

In recent times, Snapchat has gained popularity and has attracted a significant user base. It has also caught the attention of advertisers. Snapchat is predominantly used by the Y and Z generations. Understanding the purposes for which Snapchat ads will be used has become an important factor for brands in their social media advertising strategies. Especially with paid advertisements, you can quickly increase your interaction with your target audience and brand awareness.

With Snapchat Ads, advertisers can reach their chosen target audience and achieve successful results. Today, Snapchat advertisements are an effective marketing strategy for brands looking to establish a more prominent presence on social media platforms.

Snapchat Advertising Models 

Image or video advertisements are one of the advertising models where approximately 10-second videos, which can be in motion or live format, are created, sometimes combined with images. This advertising model, known for its high engagement, allows you to reach a larger audience and accelerate your branding process.

This type of advertisement is displayed in Snapchat’s Discover section. Story ads are an advertising model used to increase potential customers, build brand awareness, and generate results from online sales. Your ads are displayed in this area with 10-second videos. By adding links to video advertisements, it is possible to increase the number of visitors to your website.

With Snapchat AR Lenses, you can highlight your ads in a fun way by adjusting them according to users’ facial expressions and movements. This advertising model is highly popular on Snapchat, given its appeal to a young audience.

Filters are the best choice for creating in-store events and product promotions. Snapchat sponsored filters are suitable for promotional advertisements, and they are used by both well-established brands and small businesses with a significant market presence.

Also known as collection ads, this advertising model is visible on Snapchat between stories and shows. It effectively showcases your products or services in digital advertising. Especially for increasing online sales, you can opt for this advertising model. Integrated with other users’ stories, these ads allow you to directly reach your target audience and encourage more users to visit your page through provided links.

Is Advertising on Snapchat a Wise Choice?

Snapchat is a social media platform that emphasizes the ephemeral nature of posts, where content disappears within 24 hours. Particularly embraced by the Y and Z generations, Snapchat prioritizes privacy and offers unique features. These features, including the temporary nature and privacy aspects, have made Snapchat a popular social media platform in a short period.
As a result, Snapchat is predominantly used by a younger demographic, with a user base primarily composed of those under the age of 35. Snapchat’s constant evolution and unique features have made it a dynamic social network. It is particularly favored by users aged 15 to 25, making it an ideal choice for brands targeting younger audiences. This makes Snapchat an attractive platform for brands in the digital advertising world.

Through Snapchat Ads, you can find the most appropriate target audience for your brand and create advertising campaigns that align with your goals. Snapchat advertisements have the potential to increase sales by 70% to 80%. Additionally, by investing in brand awareness and brand identity, you can enhance your prestige. Snapchat, with its instant and effective advertising features, allows you to progress in market share with every piece of feedback and data you receive.

Which Industries Should Advertise on Snapchat? 

Snapchat is primarily a messaging application widely used by the Y and Z generations. Its advertisements are typically in visual and video formats, making it particularly appealing to users in these age groups. In recent years, Snapchat has been leveraged by brands targeting younger audiences, utilizing all the possibilities of digital marketing.

Today, Snapchat has become one of the tools of online advertising and is frequently chosen by industries that cater to the younger generation and the brands within those industries. After conducting target audience analysis, brands implement advertising strategies tailored to their chosen demographics. Among the sectors that most prefer this new digital marketing platform are those related to fashion, food, and technology, as they have a greater appeal to the younger demographic. These industries, with their dynamic and compelling ad formats, have made Snapchat a more preferred platform for advertising.

Cost of Advertising on Snapchat 

In recent years, Snapchat, especially popular among young people, has seen a rapid rise in advertising revenue compared to other digital platforms. This interest in Snapchat is seen as the quickest and most effective way for brands to reach the younger generation. All these developments make Snapchat more preferred by advertisers. Marketing processes that vary according to your brand’s identity and advertising goals also determine the budget for each campaign. When advertising on Snapchat, the budget you create is planned in line with the chosen advertising models, time frames, and other parameters defined in your marketing strategy.

Snapchat Ad Features and Dimensions

The dimensions of advertisements published on social media platforms vary depending on the advantages offered by social media platforms and innovations in the advertising world. Ad features and dimensions, updated with each new development, are divided into specific groups based on the usage areas on social media platforms. For example, the features of advertisements preferred in the marketing processes offered to target audiences by platforms like Facebook or Instagram may differ from the features of advertisements used on platforms like YouTube or Snapchat. The most important determining factor here is which format and visual or written options are suitable for promoting your brand. Accordingly, the features and dimensions of the advertisement used in a campaign will also change.

  • Snapchat ad image size: 1080 x 1920 pixels is recommended.
  • Aspect ratio: 9:16
  • File type: JPEG or PNG
  • Maximum file size: 5MB
  • Geofilter image size: 1080 x 1920 pixels

How to Advertise on Snapchat with Admuch?

With Admuch, you can take advantage of the benefits of the digital market through Snapchat advertisements prepared according to your budget, accompanied by creative ideas for your brand and an expert team with experience in the field. To achieve this, we design advertising projects on Snapchat with a dynamic and professional team, offering creative marketing plans to help you reach your target audience. We develop advertising strategies that take advantage of every detail of popular culture, working on projects to enhance your brand’s identity through continuous future-oriented efforts with digital advertising and SEO experts in a larger advertising space.