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Drone Shooting

Drone footage is among the film services conducted for promotional videos, utilizing aerial vehicles and various equipment attached to them to capture images from the air.

Drone footage is among the film services conducted for promotional videos, utilizing aerial vehicles and various equipment attached to them to capture images from the air. Working with a professional and expert team is necessary for the use of a professional tool like a drone. The experience of these individuals, known as drone operators, and the possession of credentials relevant to their profession is an important matter. Particularly in recent years, drone video shootings have become a preferred advertising tool for companies in promotional services.

Duration of Drone Filming

Given that a drone is a highly advanced technological device, the costs set for drone filming are naturally higher compared to other promotional services. Therefore, every brand that will promote using drone footage should take this difference into account. Approximately, a professional drone has a flight time of 30 minutes.

Before carrying out drone filming, it is essential to be knowledgeable about the use of drones. It is important to acquire the necessary information according to the technical features of the drone and its areas of use. The most crucial factor for drone filming is performing the controls. Drone filming should be conducted by experts and experienced individuals. As with any advertising area, promotional services with drones consist of stages of preparation, shooting, and editing. The footage obtained from a drone shooting process that involves an attention-grabbing and creative production is used for the advertising film. Prior to the drone filming, a technical preparatory phase is carried out according to the brand’s advertising strategy. Visual footage that is strong in visual aspects and suitable for advertising planning is captured from the air with the help of a professional team. The quality and purposefulness of drone footage determine the success of the promotional film.

The first thing to know about using drones is that they are very sensitive devices. A drone can be significantly affected by weather conditions, especially wind. Weather conditions must be checked before any drone filming is done. It is not possible to conduct healthy flights with a drone in excessively windy conditions or when the weather is unfavorably cold. Therefore, to use a drone, it is necessary to check the weather conditions in advance and act accordingly.


A drone utilizes various sensitive elements, which can be referred to as sensors, to measure many environmental factors due to its technical features. These sensors are mechanisms operated by the control unit that allows the drone to move in desired directions. Just as sensors are crucial technical elements, propellers also play an important role. Propellers enable the drone to perform the desired movements. The power source for drones is usually a lithium battery. The lifespan of the battery directly determines the flight duration of the drone. In summary, the working mechanism of drones is effectively carried out through the feedback between the sensors and the motors.

In recent years, we have witnessed indisputable transformations in digital advertising and the use of numerous marketing strategies. Brands can create a creative and visually powerful marketing process during their advertising campaigns by using drone footage. Aerial shoots that would be quite challenging and costly with means other than drones become much more feasible. Drone footage offers a higher efficiency to your advertising process due to being less expensive. There are several advantages to drone filming:


  • With an impressive and creative drone shoot, you can increase your brand awareness.
  • You gain more advantages in reaching your target audience.
  • You create a creative and eye-catching advertising process for your brand.
  • You conduct a professional advertising strategy.
  • You efficiently manage the creation process of your corporate identity.
  • You take a step ahead in the industry among your competitors.

Drone Filming Prices

Drone filming prices vary depending on the weather conditions during the shoot, the duration of the video, and the shooting plans. This process, which is determined based on the advertising strategy created for the brand’s request, varies depending on the technical features of the equipment to be used and several other factors. Accordingly, working with an agency that is an expert in drone filming means conducting a very efficient promotional process in terms of drone filming fees.